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Need to take back control of escalating costs relating to injuries and absences?

Seem to have a culture of absence?

Have a potentially life transitioning decision to make and desire more than legal compliance

Seek to bring kindness to fiscally responsible business outcomes?

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Libby McLean Consulting specialises in complex injuries and WorkCover claims and is ready to support your business to move forward. 


Access consulting packages that enable you to stop haemorrhaging dollars, humanise processes and optimise respect in stategic business decisions.    Create possibility for those impossible injury situations, improve your attendance culture, or, target data interpretation and reports that already exist in your organisation to enable better decision making.  


Libby blends 30 years of experience in construction, manufacturing, health care, public transport and aged care on a bedrock of nursing.  Her understanding of health, wellness and injury management combined with commercial acumen is second to none.

WorkCover Expert Melbourne

Reduce time spent on claims management processes

Make the most of existing data and reports to enable better decisions

Improve policies and procedures to support attendance culture

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WorkCover Expert Melbourne Libby McLean

Why Libby?

Libby blends 30 years of experience in business settings on a bedrock of nursing.  Her understanding of health, wellness and injury management combined with commercial acumen is second to none.

A unique background

2012 WorkSafe Award winner

This award recognises outstanding achievements in returning an injured workers to safe and sustainable work.   Libby won the award in 2012 following outstanding results at Form700.

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What People Say

Libby has provided us with invaluable advice and guidance for managing our WorkCover and wellbeing; and our savings were far in excess of the costs.  We highly recommend.

Di Thornton, Owner, Mallee Border Health

Libby McLean WorkCover Expert Melbourne

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