I help businesses take back control of costs relating to injuries and absences

Workcover Consultant Melbourne Libby McLean
Workcover Consultant Melbourne Libby McLean

Libby blends 30 years of experience in construction, manufacturing, public health, transport and aged care on a bedrock of nursing.  Her understanding of health, wellness and injury management combined with commercial acumen is second to none.

Education and solid experience in safety and human resources allows Libby to deeply understand the challenges businesses face related to injured employees and the complexities that go with them.  This is different from some other consultants who have spent a lot of time working within WorkCover agencies and understand the ‘Workplace Injury and Rehabilitation Compensation Act 2013 Vic’ but not the pain businesses feel due to the apparent restrictions they experience.    


Experience working with WorkCover and TAC agents and managing claims spanning both work related injuries, TAC and non-work injuries, means Libby understands the challenges employers experience with difficult and complex injuries.  


Often employers feel there is nothing they can do and yet there is.  I help them to take back control of their employee and the bottom-line business impacts including leave entitlements and staffing.

2012 WorkSafe Award winner

Worksafe Libby McLean Workcover Speciali

This award recognises outstanding achievements in returning an injured workers to safe and sustainable work.   Libby won the award in 2012 following outstanding results at Form700.

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