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Q&A Package

90 Minute Consult

You have done so much but there is a claim/absence that seems to have no end in sight.   It is causing frustration in the workplace and you are not sure how to create a resolution.  Whether due to a work, non-work or TAC injury, , Libby McLean Consulting can assist you find a compassionate path when you need to make a strategic business decision. 

Together we will discuss your pain points, frustrations and obstacles.

As we chat about your problem, options for progression can be discussed.

If you are ready to move forward and explore what you can do next, take advantage of this 90-minute consultation.  

  • Benefit from some 30+ years experience in dealing with complex situations

  • A highly valuable, independent perspective that will help you focus on what is critical to a result

  • An opportunity to step outside the box and hear some options

Book in for for a free 15 minute discussion to find out if this can help you.  During this time, we'll discuss the timing of the Ask Any Question Package and the up-front price.



File Intensive Package

How long is long enough?  Rehabilitation back to normal duties generally goes well, but every now and then things don’t go as expected.  


Whatever the cause of the absence, when your employee has not been able to undertake their normal role for some time and may not be able to into the futurie, what can you do?  How do you take action when things aren't progressing positively, your business is fiscally comprimised and you want advice that has encapsulates empathy and support? 

  • How long is long enough to rehabilitate them?  

  • Can you take any action that is more than meeting compliance?  

  • How can you provide support in the most difficult of decisions?  

  • What information is important?  

  • How do you navigate organisational pain while caring for the employee?

If these are the questions you are asking, Libby McLean Consulting can assist.  


The desktop File Intensive provides you with a comprehensive chronology, conclusions and recommendations for action.   With the relevant information before you, you are empowered to speak to senior management with confidence, seek additional information where required, obtain informed legal advice and draft future correspondence. 

Book in for for a free 15 minute discussion to find out if this can help you. 

During the chat, you will set up parameters around the delivery of the File Intensive report, and the cost.



WorkCover/Injury Audit Package

  • Is managing WorkCover a substantial pain point for your business?

  • Do you feel the rehabilitation process for some of your claims are not progressing as you might want them to?  

  • Despite your best efforts, do you have a significant number of long-term claims?  

  • What about claims with a statutory maximum affecting your premium?  

  • Do you want to know how you fare with these questions?  


Maybe you want to know more about your compliance to legislation/internal policies; optimum systems utilization; staffing adequacy; or, something else specific to your business.  


With some 30 years working in businesses, Libby McLean Consulting is ideally placed to undertake a WorkCover/Injury Management Audit that will offer you pragmatic options to assist you with all facets of WorkCover, total claims management, rehabilitation frameworks and compensation payments.   If you see benefit, you can extend the audit to include a review of your systems for non-work injury management.

If this is an option you would like to consider, take the first step by making the most of the free 15 minute consultation by enquiring below. 

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